What does it mean to Worship God?

Worship - Look Up and Embrace Him!

Worshiping God is to Surrender all your cares, finding that place in your heart where the Spirit connects to your heart. To understand that the Holy Spirit is there and waiting for your constant attention to bring you into His most Holy Place, where He wraps His loving arms around you, protects you from outside forces, and fills your heart with Love, Peace, Joy, Calmness. He strips away all your worries, problems, fears, distractions, and pain.

When you surrender in Worship,  He brings you into a place of safety, that leaves you with a heart full of His Jesus peace. Worship is not a time to become shy, but instead to give yourself to God as if no one else is around. 

The Holy Spirit is the Love of my life, and I offer Him to you with Love, for you to accept Him in your life and allow yourself to grow in Him. You will not regret it.


Holy Spirit

Relationship - the Holy Spirit

The Altar Call

Mary Pate Ministries

Built an altar before God, through suffering, sacrifices and burdens, still carrying the Cross for Him. The Altar is the place to lay all your burdens down, lay prostrate before God, kneel before Him, Worship and Adoration. The Holy Spirit is there at all times waiting to receive you with or without your troubles.





The Community Room (Clementon NJ Library) 195 Gibbsboro Road (side green door) Clementon, NJ 08021

Monday nights - 7pm

A Holy Spirit Led Ministry

Healing in the name of Jesus.

Mary Pate's life is empowered and orchestrated by the Holy Spirit.

While walking in Truth the Holy Spirit uses her to heal and set free those who have been bound in their hearts, minds, souls and spirits. The Holy Spirit uses Mary to supernaturally bless others.  Bringing others to Jesus is mandatory and believing He is the answer to all our problems, to accept Him in our lives changes everything we go through in life.


Faith Walk Awakened

The Holy Spirit called Mary into ministry as an Apostle/Evangelist and advised her that He orchestrates her life.  Mary walks in an Apostolic anointing and allowing her Gifts to make room for her.  Her Gifts of Healing , Teaching, Restoration & Equipping others is led by the Holy Spirit and her compassion and love is released world wide. Preaching the Gospel, baptism in the Holy Spirit and Salvation leads the way in her life through Jesus.



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