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A Called Writer - Holy Spirit Led

"Now I have the Best Job in the World" #1 Best Selling Book.


Follow me on a detailed emotional and spiritual journey, mandated and preordained by the Holy Spirit. A journey filled with workplace sabotage, unfairness, unkindness, leading to brokenness, emotional pain and finally-------. Follow as the Lord led me to the Best Job in the World. -  Amazon Best Seller.


"8 Golden Rules: How to Move Yourself Out of the Way"


Exciting new release! This book will literally help you allow God to take to you from 'Nowhere' to Somewhere'.

It is a concise journey that will teach you how to follow the rules that will transform your life. Trust Him and give our God the opportunity 

to have His way with your life.   


"Motives of the Heart"


The Lord was always there and the candle was always lit for me. However, there were many times when I didn't know that. I've been in the lions den, in the fiery furnace, alone in the garden, broken and bruised, abused like I lived in hell.  Now I am  the woman He wants me to be. There's always a hardship...follow me to a "But God."


"10 Powerful Keys: Letting Go Living a Victorious Life"


 This book will take you to another level in the Lord, expressions of knowledge to lead you into His Most Holy Place. It gives you more insight into the purpose and plan the Lord had in mind when He first made Adam and Eve.   God’s Holy Scriptures will unlock the power within you to support your efforts in walking with Him.