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 The Called will be published by March 15, 2020. 


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Discover how God has all the answers but sometimes leaves us to walk it out while  encountering extreme difficult times.

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The Called will be published by March 15, 2020.


'THE CALLED' -Holy Spirit Led

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 The  love of God is an awesome thing in that He will allow you to be in many  types of situations but He will begin to move you in various ways that  will enhance your ability to become the person He wants you to be.  Embrace those moments, they will take you to another place in your life.

When  you've vowed to walk it out, there is nothing to do except do just  that. Through trials, tribulations, struggles, losses of any kind,  completing the walk through and finding the end result is what matter.   Remember God will allow you to walk in adversity but will take care of  you at the same time. 

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A Called Writer - Holy Spirit Led

"Now I have the Best Job in the World" Amazon #1 Best Seller.


Follow me on a detailed emotional and spiritual journey, mandated and preordained by the Holy Spirit. A journey filled with workplace sabotage, unfairness, unkindness, leading to brokenness, emotional pain and finally-------. Follow as the Lord led me to the Best Job in the World. -  Amazon Best Seller. Still going strong.

"8 Golden Rules: How to Move Yourself Out of the Way"


Follow the Rules that will Transform Your Life. Trust the Holy Spirit and give Him the opportunity to have His way with your life.



"10 Powerful Keys: Letting Go Living a Victorious Life"


   God’s Holy Word will unlock the power within you to support your efforts in walking with Him.  Jesus left you with a Victorious Life. Walk in it!


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